General FAQ

What is FroPro?

FROPRO is a peanut or almond butter based snack bar, made with 95% organic ingredients, designed to fuel the best in YOU.

Where is FroPro Based?

FROPRO was born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. We’ve stayed close to our roots as we’ve grown up, so our HQ is still located in Boca Raton!

Do you offer wholesale?

We do! Fill out our wholesale form if you are a retailer interested in selling FROPRO.

Where can I find FroPro?

We’ve built a convenient store locator to find FROPROs near you. Visit it here.


Do the bars need to be refrigerated?

No! We suggest them to be chilled for taste and texture but nothing in the bar will spoil. They will arrive a cookie dough consistency so freeze them up to enjoy them they way they are intended!

Is a FROPRO bar considered a meal replacement?

No, FROPRO is just a protein-rich snack, and not a meal replacement.

What does FROPRO stand for?

FROPRO means Frozen Protein!


Are FROPRO bars vegan?

Technically no, because they include honey, although every other ingredient is plant-based.

Are FROPRO bars organic?

Yes! FROPRO peanut butter bars are organic because they contain 95% organic ingredients.

Are FROPROs raw?

FROPRO is not baked, they are simply mixed together and frozen! They do not contain any ingredients that could be harmful if eaten raw.

Is FROPRO certified Gluten Free?

FROPRO is certified Gluten Free and Non-GMO! Our bars are also soy free, dairy free and organic.

Is FROPRO certified Non-GMO?

FROPRO is certified Non-GMO and Gluten Free! Our bars are also soy free, dairy free and organic.

Is FROPRO soy free?

Yes! FROPRO is soy free.

Is FROPRO dairy free?

Yes! FROPRO is dairy free.


No, FROPRO is not Keto.

Is FROPRO Paleo?

No, FROPRO is not Paleo.

Is FROPRO Kosher?

No, FROPRO is not Kosher.


Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Absolutely! You can cancel, or pause, any subscription from your user account page. If you cancel, all of your preferences will be lost, whereas if you pause, you won’t be charged and your products will be saved for when you decide you want more.

Can I edit my subscription?

Yes! Just log into your account and select your subscription and you can edit it anytime.

Can I swap flavors?

You can edit your subscription anytime and swap out different flavors every month!

Can I subscribe to a custom box?

Yes! You can create a custom variety box and add it as a subscription.